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MCJ Teaches

MCJ  is the Studio Director at Michael Howard Studios in the Chelsea Arts District in NYC.  He started as a student of Michael Howard "himself," and began teaching at the Studio as the resident voice instructor in 2016, teaching a broad range of acting classes, as well as integrated voice classes.  MCJ does private coaching, teaches and directs in the conservatory programs, and has a professional on-going Scene Study class.

MCJ has applied his integrated techniques at top-tier university BFA and MFA training programs such as NYU, Ithaca College, LIU: Post, and Brooklyn College, where he taught for 12 years, and was the Head of the BFA Acting Program for two years.  

MCJ helps students discover their individual approach to craft.  MCJ has developed integration techniques based on kinetic receptivity through breath, bringing one's impulsive self into presence as a unified instrument for the revelation of story.  In a broader scope, the technique serves as a binding agent for the multiplicity of modalities in modern training, allowing personalization of, and confidence in, individualized technique development.  It helps students take ownership of their own processes of artistry.

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